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تم الانتهاء من إنشاء محطة توليد للطاقة بتقنيات حديثة بقيمة 12 مليار دولار أمريكي في مدينة جازان للصناعات الاساسية التحويلية

A Consortium Led by Aramco and Air Products Finalizes an agreement for a USD 12 Billion Hydrogen and Power Plant in JCPDI, Jazan

A joint venture involving Aramco, Air Products and ACWA Power finalized agreements for the asset acquisition and project financing of a USD 12 billion Air Separation Unit/gasification/power plant in JCPDI.

The integrated gasification combined cycle plant (IGCC) is located next to Aramco's Jazan refinery, where the vacuum residue, oil left at the bottom of the vacuum distillation column, is piped under the fence to the IGCC's gasification unit, where heat is used to release more gas from the hydrocarbons as explained on Aramco's official website. It says in the IGCC plant, vacuum residue is converted to raw syngas by its complete thermal breakdown into combustible gas in the presence of oxygen and steam — called gasification. This raw syngas, further treated within the IGCC, provides clean syngas to a 3.8 GW five-block combined cycle power plant, producing electricity for both the refinery and the Saudi national grid.

The JV serves Aramco's Jazan Refinery, a megaproject with the capacity to process 400,000 barrels per day of crude oil to produce products such as ultra-light sulphur diesel, gasoline, among others according to Aramco.

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